We’re Sought By Those Who Need Persian Rug Cleaning

Many individuals love Persian rugs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Persian rugs have been sought for thousands of years. While today’s rugs are a bit different from the centuries-old ones, all Persian rugs boast vibrant colors and wonderful designs. In some cases, a Persian rug can fetch a pretty penny, especially if it’s very old and/or unique.
But Persian rugs are not perfect, and if you use yours frequently, then there’s a good shot it’s going to get dirty. When this happens, it’s best to get help from professional rug cleaners. They have what’s needed to make Persian rugs clean, and they can deliver great work quickly and for not a lot of money. Your rugs should always be sanitary, and we can deliver this while also making them spotless as well.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

We clean Persian rugs with top-of-the-line cleaning products, the best tools, and leading rug-cleaning methods. Your rugs will look as good as they did when you first bought them.


Rug Restoration & Repair

If you need your rugs repaired, we can help here as well. Our restoration services are preferred by those who don’t want to get rid of their rugs.


Get Persian Rugs And These Other Rugs Cleaned

Thousands of rugs and carpets exist today. That’s because these fixtures have been around for so many years. We can clean anything that comes to our shop, and a rug’s age won’t inhibit us from cleaning it. If a rug has a complex design, this won’t be a problem either. And if you have specific cleaning instructions, we can follow these to a T to ensure the cleaning process goes off without a hitch. We’ll have your rugs back to you before you miss them, and when you get them back they’ll be compliment worthy again!
Here are some other rugs we clean often:
Area rugs
Shag rugs
Silk rugs
Navajo rugs
Synthetic rugs
Polyester rugs
Wool rugs
Oriental rugs
Moroccan rugs
Kilim rugs
Turkish rugs
Bamboo rugs


We’re There For All Rug Owners In NJ

Rug owners in NJ have stood by us for years, and that’s because we’re always going above and beyond for our clients. This is something that our competitors don’t promise. We can help you whether you need residential or commercial rug cleaning, and no job is too large or complex for our team. We can provide same-day service, if this is what you need, and our business is family-owned and operated.


Get Your Rugs Cleaned With Eco-Friendly Products

Do you care about the environment? Who doesn’t these days. We do! That’s why we can clean your rugs with eco-friendly cleaning products. You won’t have to worry about cleaning effectiveness coming at the expense of eco-friendliness. These products are preferred by those who have young children at home, and when we’re done with cleaning your rugs will be ready for use immediately.